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Welcome to the Jagerbombs Linkshell website!
        Shiva in Vana'diel

A Little bit about us:
         We are a friendly yet often sarcastic and comedic linkshell, that being said don't take something the wrong way and cause drama. We don't like that. We party, do missions, and help with members quests. If you need help don't hesitate to ask, members are always happy to help with just about anything. We'll accept any race (taru's to gelka's) and any nation (even Bastokians). Calm down that's a joke, we really don't accept anyone, everyone gets ridiculed equally. Members get certain perks, like free or discounts when a craft skill is needed. Every member has their own personality, its actually pretty hard to explain us as a group. I guess my best advice is to join us and get to know us yourselves. After that its up to you to decide if Jagerbombs is the linkshell for you or not. (if not go to local convenient store, buy sense of humor, and try again.) Our linkshell has much to offer varying with each member. Everyone has different strenghts in this game much like how it takes different strengths to create a good party. We've taken that idea and based it into our linkshell.
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Evilman, Nov 19, 11 7:55 PM.
I am looking for a few people to get into synergy with me... there is alot of profit to be made in this craft


Evilman, Nov 17, 11 10:46 PM.
Any LS members that use PC or have access to skype please make a account so we caan voice chat during LS events
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